K4v Videoassist s16 PL-mount

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Product information
This is a K4 film camera (modified Krasnogorsk3).
Installed new gate super16, optical viewfinder super16 with super 16 markings, built-in video assistant.
! The optical viewfinder and video assistant can be used at the same time.
Video assistant is based on gopro4 black. Allows you to see the image in real time, as well as record and view the video of the shooting itself. All gopro4 features are supported and can be found online.
Film speed from 8-48 frames per second.

Shutter Speeds

Shooting Speed (fps) Shutter Speed
8 1/20
12 1/30
16 1/40
24 1/60
32 1/80
48 1/120
single-frame 1/30

!! This is a version without a motor, has a standard spring drive.

Also, the camera has a built-in battery, and there is the possibility of recharging. Monitor outputs - micro hdmi. Micro SD memory card.
DC input 7-30 volts. Sony battery NPF platform.
Set: Camera with a handle, two coils.
! Production time from 3 weeks to 3 months ...
Worldwide delivery

!!!! Guys. Currently, we only accept cryptocurrency for payment. USDT. To place an order, write to us by mail, or better on Instagram.

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